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The Journey of the Heart

The Journey of the Heart is a poetic story meant to inspire children and adults to listen to their inner voice. That one voice knows what is right and wrong despite the social expectations and dictates we may have been taught throughout our lives. That one voice calls us all to create, explore and grow. It is especially relevant when a trauma occured and external voices have been silencing one's true self.


It tells the story of Mylandra, who is pushed to find and listen to her true self, Unique, against all odds. Like so many of us, Mylandra struggles with dissociation between who she really is and the character she plays based on external expectations. She has lost the connection to herself and her true calling. Following past ordeals - traumas, trials, moments of confusion, despair and solitude- it comes to light that her inner truth was right there all along. She only needed to open her eyes, unearth it, and embrace it as her own. Through experiences, travels and encounters with other characters-- human, animal, and allegorical-- she will ultimately embrace her authentic spirit. Mylandra and Unique will be ready to explore the world and create the life of their dreams. The past does not impact the future anymore. The Journey of the Heart is a story of self-love and self-respect that encourages everyone to go head first to the edge of their comfort zone in order to reveal the truth that lies within.

VOCALISE plans to publish the story through a book for children, a musical tale (CD or download), and eventually have a full theatrical production of this original piece, imagined and written by our founder, Anna Cley. We dream of one day creating an interactive curriculum with this piece, to reach even more children by providing the opportunity for them to discover themselves through beautiful, meaningful performances and artistic exploration. Please contact us to find out more and how you can be a part of this journey.

Empowering workshops are currently in project. They are designed to help teenagers and young adults re-embody their body after physical abuse. VOCALISE wishes to train instructors and develop programs throughout the country.


Our goal is to help building confidence and breaking patterns by using positively the connection between the body and the mind. Posture, breathing, and placement of the voice have tremendous impact on self confidence and inspiring respect. Anna Cley has been developing a powerful technique through her work on the art of charisma . We dream to make this unique technique accessible to those who need it the most. Please contact us to find out more and how you can be a part of this journey.

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